AJI Zoning & Land Use Advisory

Arthur J. Ientilucci, AICP, is a private consultant doing business as AJI, Zoning and Land Use  Advisory. During his thirty seven years in the public sector he rose from an entry level position to the Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Rochester, New York.  AJI has a comprehensive background in the legal and technical aspects of zoning, historic preservation, site planning,  environmental review, urban design and code drafting.  AJI has extensive experience in dealing with property owners, developers, realtors, small businesses, industry, neighborhood groups, citizen boards, local, county and state agencies, and elected representatives.  Mr. Ientilucci, has been a speaker at two American Planning Association (APA) National Conferences, in Washington D.C (2004) and New Orleans, Louisiana (2010); as well as two APA New York State Regional Conferences.  He is also on the faculty of Lorman Education Services for whom he has lectured throughout New York State on Land Use and SEQRA topics since 2004.

Corey Auerbach Esq.

Corey guides applicants such as commercial, hotel, and residential developers; hospitals; skilled nursing facilities, religious institutions and other not-for-profit organizations; and wireless telecommunication carriers and related infrastructure companies through the zoning, planning, and land use entitlement process.

Corey appears before municipal land use, zoning, and environmental permitting agencies at every level of government and assists clients with all aspects of the land use permitting and regulatory compliance process, including rezoning, zone text, and comprehensive plan amendments; special and temporary use permits; use and area variances; zoning interpretation appeals; wetland, stormwater, and highway work permits; endangered species; the NYS Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA); and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and related orders.

Corey has also handled land use, SEQRA, and municipal litigation before the Supreme Court, the Appellate Division, and the Court of Appeals.

A natural outgrowth of Corey’s zoning practice involves the formation and representation of condominium and homeowner associations, including preparing and filing offering plans and amendments with the NYS Attorney General’s Office.

Costich Engineering

Established in 1977, Costich Engineering has been providing design and consulting services to public and private sector clients predominantly around Upstate New York and Pennsylvania for over 42 years. Costich is a third generation family business that continues to excel due to our staff's dedication to our clients, utilization of the latest technology and software in our field and our innovative approach to all of our projects. We believe in fostering relationships with our clients.

Our firm currently has a staff of 34 which includes multi-disciplined engineers, landscape architects, land surveyors, CAD designers, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed drone pilots, field inspectors, an electrical designer and support personnel.

Our Civil Engineering department features engineers with a variety of specialties. We have several design teams on staff to suite your every project need including: single family residential, multi-family, mixed use developments, commercial, re-development, warehouse and industrial facilities, wireless telecommunications and more. Our firm currently has (4) four licensed professional civil engineers and a handful of other engineers with experience ranging from 2 to 30+ years.

David Hanlon - Hanlon Architects

Hanlon Architects has been providing all aspects of design, from programming through space planning, and from overall master planning through interior design. We are equipped with an aesthetically unique design approach that is client-driven and relies on the strong communication skills and diverse experience embodied by our 23 professionals.

At Hanlon Architects, our passion for design and our commitment to the needs of each project have established us as a firm with many satisfied and returning clients. Our design work includes projects for corporate, health care, educational and retail facilities. It is our aim to channel our client’s individual culture and vision into exemplary architecture while solving technical and practical design issues. This results in buildings and interiors that support and inspire their occupants. We take seriously the impact of the built environment on its occupants and the surrounding community and strive to encourage that relationship toward a positive outcome

Popli Design Group (PDG)

PDG has been providing structural engineering expertise and advice to the architectural community and construction industry for more than thirty-five years.  Our engineers have a broad range of experience designing educational, commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, and residential structures.  Projects range from new construction and large additions to structural investigations, condition assessments, capacity analysis, renovation, rehabilitation and strengthening of existing structures.

PDG structural engineers serve as advisors to architects and owners from the earliest stages of project planning and evaluation, providing information instrumental in the early decision-making and economic evaluation phases of projects.  Our knowledge of building codes and standards, building materials, and construction methods adds further value in advising the entire design team as the project design progresses.

We understand buildings – how they behave, how they affect occupants, and how architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, cladding and equipment interface with framing systems. 

SRF Associates, D.P.C.

SRF Associates provides distinguished professional transportation planning, engineering and design consulting services to communities and private clients throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Communities have a vision of their future, developers want to see a return on their investment, and people demand transportation options.

SRF works with you to develop solutions.

In 1985, this firm was organized in recognition of the need for such specialized services. We offer expertise in Traffic Impact Analysis, Traffic Operations and Safety, Transportation Planning and Design, Access Management, Active Transportation Plans, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety, Traffic Calming, Thoroughfare Makeover and Revitalization, Highway Design and Permitting, Signal Design, Municipal Technical Reviews, Transportation Demand Management, and Parking Solutions.

We realize the need to evaluate development within the holistic context of land-use patterns that are driven by local decision-making and planning. We take an integrated approach to balancing growth and mobility while satisfying the goal of safety and equity for all users of the transportation system, especially pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as respect for conservation of open spaces. SRF strives to enhance the quality of life for all.

Terracon Consultants Inc


When you hire a geotechnical engineer, you look for someone who can drill soil borings, run laboratory tests and deliver a report within a reasonable time frame. You expect field and laboratory data delivered along with the engineer’s site preparation and foundation design opinions.

We do that. In fact, we have done that for more than 50 years.  But we do so much more than that.

For starters, we do our research on your site. We retrieve local data from our vast database of historical information using our proprietary Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform. We combine that history with the best public domain information available. Then, we develop an opinion of the expected subsurface conditions before we even take our first soil sample.

Using our opinion of expected conditions, we design an intelligent work plan to explore the site. Using our arsenal of conventional drilling/sampling, in-situ testing and nonintrusive, geophysical exploration tools strategically placed across the country, we execute the intelligent work plan using safe, current and effective tools and procedures.

Our methods include conventional drilling and sampling, in-situ testing and non-intrusive testing, and geophysical exploration tools that are available through our nationwide network of offices. We execute the intelligent work plan using safe, current, and effective tools and procedures.

And what professional, geotechnical engineering firm would not have an excellent laboratory? Terracon has more than 100 of them. We maintain required state and federal program accreditations and validations. But we don’t stop there. We utilize an internal quality program that confirms that we meet our standards for safety and efficiency as well as quality, lowering your costs to get the data you need.

Our geotechnical engineers analyze the information, develop site preparation options, foundations, and pavements, and consult with you and your entire design team to create excellent designs faster than ever. Understanding that collaboration builds consensus and time is money, we achieve collaboration by delivering data to the entire design team as soon as we collect it using GeoReport®, Terracon’s web-based delivery system.